Picking a brokerage to work with is an important decision. The people you surround yourself with and the environment you work within is going to help pave the way for your career. You have lots of options and factors to consider. Let’s talk about the steps to take to find the right brokerage to start your mortgage career with:


Researching brokerages in your area is a great place to start. Sit down, google local brokerages, check out their website, read about their business, scroll through their social media pages. You will learn a lot and get a good feel for a business just by digging through the web. Make note of any brokerages that peak your interest for whatever reason, maybe they have branding you really like, a good range of services, they’re well established. If they seem appealing, keep them aside for later!


The next thing you will want to do is reach out to the brokerages that stood out to you and you want to learn more about. You can either call or email them to request a time to speak with them more about their career opportunities.


It would be smart to have a precomposed list of questions you would like to ask. Put some thought into what about the brokerage is important to you and make sure you are asking the right questions to be able to gauge whether this will be the best fit for you and your goals. Here’s some example questions you can ask:

  • What kind of support or training do you offer?
  • What are the broker fees associated with working here?
  • What is the commission split that you operate on?


Once you have done your research and chosen a few brokerages that you feel fits what you are looking for, you can move ahead to applying. Similar to a majority of jobs an application process is in place. You will be required to submit a resume, attend an interview and provide references, as well as pass a background check.

There you have it! You’re at an exciting point in your career, the world is your oyster and you have the power to choose what team you want to join to start building your future.

I do mentorships and love having new agents bring a fresh perspective to my team. If you’re recently licensed and on the hunt I would love to chat, send me an email!

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