So you’re ready to start your career? Congratulations must be in order! If you’re at this point you’ve done the course, you’ve passed your exam and you’ve found a brokerage to start working with. This is huge but can also be overwhelming, what now right? The ball is in your court and it’s time to start finding clients. That’s easier said than done though. Here’s some simple things you can do to get your career started on the right foot:


Support is going to be your best friend starting off. Having someone in your corner will make your life so much easier. Look for a mentor or a team in the industry that is willing to support you, guide you, answer your calls and give you feedback. You will learn infinitely from creating a support system of like minded, motivated people in the industry for you to rely on. 


Put together a strategy of what you want your first 90 days to look like and do absolutely everything in your power to hold yourself accountable. Use your strategy to assess where you are and what your growth is looking like. Make changes along the way to ensure that by the end of your first 90 days you are in a position that you imagined yourself to be in. Use the support system you have to get help building, executing and gauging the progress of your business plan. Going into it with no game plan will only make things more difficult for you! 


Create an image and a brand for yourself that you can use to start gaining traction. Your brand is going to be used to sell yourself and your services. It will be on your business cards, your website, your social media platforms, basically anywhere you can think of putting it. Make sure your brand is well thought out and it portrays an image and message that you are happy with and that potential clients are going to be drawn too.


Rejection doesn’t need to be scary, or offensive or upsetting. It’s just part of the gig and as soon as you understand that your job will become much easier. Yes, people are going to say no to you, and yes that can be hard to hear sometimes. But there’s 2 things you need to remember: you have to ask in order to get a yes and when someone says no, that isn’t a personal attack, they just don’t need what you’re offering right now. Let the no’s roll off you like water on a duck’s back and you will be good to go.


Start with your friends and family members, and build from there. Word of mouth will often work in your favor. No one will know to come to you for mortgage financing if they don’t know you are doing it. So scream it from the rooftops. Fit it into as many conversations as you can, let your social media followers know, carry business cards around with you and make sure you tell anyone willing to listen to you that you are doing mortgages now. Some of the best clients you will get are people you already know!

There you have it. 5 simple steps to get your mortgage career started with a bang. You will get what you give when it comes to building a career in the mortgage industry. The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. There aren’t many careers that give you the opportunity to build as big and fast as you’d like too, take advantage of it! If you’re willing to do the work you will find a lot of success as a result. Now it’s time to hit the ground running and get out there, here’s to the start of an incredible journey!

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